"Beauty from the Inside Out"



It happens every year; summer seems to suddenly disappear and the cool weather makes its way in.  (My first sign that my “new routine” is going to need to be implemented is the cinnamon wafting from my favorite grocery store.) Don’t forget though, just the warmer clothes cover your skin doesn’t mean you can take a break on your skin care regimen. Proper care can mean the difference between radiant skin and skin that belongs on a reptile. 🙂

Here are 5 easy and effective skin care tips sure to keep you glowing through the fall season:

1. I’m a huge advocate for exfoliating year round, but as the weather cools consider using an oil based scrub. In the summer, we sweat much more, so skin is hydrated without a lot of effort. In the dryer months, simply switching to a product that contains a natural oil such as coconut or almond oil is ideal. I make my own by mixing a few tablespoons of raw sugar with whatever natural oil I have on hand.  Massage into dry skin and rinse thoroughly. A dry brush is another great and easy method to remove dead skin cells. I do this every day before showering.

2. Moisturize every day, without fail. The best time to moisturize is immediately after you wash your face or shower, to really lock in moisture. Shea butter’s are very rich and wonderful, but you can use whatever you like.  Just be sure to use one!

3. Choose *seasonal* natural beautifiers. In the warmer months, I love to use fresh fruits to exfoliate and tone my skin. Try a delicious pumpkin mask for smooth, soft skin. Simply mix together either canned or freshly cooked pumpkin (about a half cup) then add some plain yogurt and mix. Massage into skin and let sit for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water and apply moisturizer. Pumpkin in chock full of vitamin A and beta-carotene, both important for healthy, gorgeous skin.

4. Sweat it out! Because we aren’t sweating as easily in the cooler months, our skin’s ability to detoxify itself is diminished. Strive to exercise every day, enough to really break a sweat and boost skin circulation. You will have a beautiful glow no expensive product can give you!

5. Don’t forget your feet and hands. 🙂 While we often cover extremities in the winter, it’s important not to neglect them. Scrub tooties daily while in the shower or bath, and moisturize daily before bed. Hands need extra TLC in the dryer air, so be sure to switch to a heavier moisturizer and do not over wash.

With these easy tips, you will be sure to have beautiful skin, no matter the weather!


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