"Beauty from the Inside Out"

Meet Wendy

#1ABOUT WENDY: Wendy was raised in the desert Southwest with her younger sister and her two golden retrievers. Her father, a Psychiatrist, and her mother, a linguist and former model, gave her a rather unconventional upbringing. Her dad drove an old beat up Dodge Dart, wore jeans and flannel shirts to work and her mom was a health fanatic. She and her sister were forced to go to school with avocado/sprout sandwiches in kindergarten. They were the only kids without Twinkie’s and Wonder Bread. Wendy was mortified by this but of course later very grateful to have had a healthy lifestyle ingrained in her. (Although she had her secret  “mac-n-cheese with hot dogs” days with her dad, her mom’s healthy habits truly stuck.)

Wendy has never dieted or changed eating habits, as the foods she grew to love were natural, healthy, and organic! Her model friends, as well as other mom’s, even to this day ask her advice. The key? Healthy habits! Wendy will attest, “There is No Quick Fix. Radiant health is a lifestyle!” At age 14 Wendy was tall and gangly and not particularly popular with her peers. It was at this time that her mother signed her up for modeling school, hoping it would help her come into her own. Needless to say, it worked!

That year, Wendy won the IMTA Model of the Year and was signed by Elite Models. Even though she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a model, she loved getting to occasionally miss an afternoon of school to “work” and suddenly have $500 of spending money. Wendy modeled in fashion shows and appeared in local newspaper ads and such throughout high school. She then was asked to go to Paris the day she graduated from high school. During the next few years she worked as a model in Paris, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. She appeared in such magazines as Vogue, Marie Claire and Mademoiselle, doing numerous print and TV commercials, while taking college classes so that she could work in the field of research psychology.

After receiving her psychology degree, Wendy began to feel limited in her ability to share everything she knew and very much wanted to reach a larger audience. She was sitting at the computer one day when a thought popped into her mind, “What if I could touch people and share personal experiences, blending Inner and Outer beauty, right over the internet?” It was this moment that “Beauty&Soul” was born. She began writing a simple monthly newsletter offering home-made beauty recipes and other tips on looking and feeling your best. Within one year, she had over 6,000 members from all over the world! Wendy was then asked to be the spokesperson for Eckerd Drugstore, appearing as the expert in national TV commercials devoted to “Beauty from the Inside Out.”

At this time, Wendy was receiving letters from people in every country imaginable explaining how the site had improved their lives. She was greatly touched by this, knowing she was on the right track. Her interest in health and true wellness became even deeper, after being blessed with two lovely daughters.

She is back in school working to gain her doctorate in Intuitive Medicine. Her course work includes studying with world renowned neurosurgeon and holistic pioneer, Dr. Norman Shealy. Wendy is currently using her knowledge to bring an abundance of the most leading edge health and beauty ideas to her devoted readers. She has been a columnist for such publications as the Family Network and a contributor to popular women’s publications. She is also in demand as radio show guest. Wendy is available for beauty and wellness coaching, classes, seminars, and workshops for individuals, groups and corporations. All services are conducted through in person sessions, over the phone, and/or email. For more information, please contact Wendy at